Three Myths Holding You Back From Starting Your Business

Earlier this year, I published a private series on how you can use a freelance business to double your income.

I wanted to share one of the most popular videos from that series with you.

But first, let me ask you a question…

Have you ever been reading/watching interviews with successful entrepreneurs and thought to yourself:

“WTF, their idea is NOT that special. I could totally do that.”

But secretly, you’re kicking yourself because you feel like the successful person has some missing “X-Factor” that you don’t.

or perhaps you’ve thought…

“It’s not fair! They make everything sound so easy…if only I had ______ (insert experience/luck/connections/etc) I could do the same thing.”

Meanwhile, you know that deep down, this is really just an excuse to make yourself feel better about not getting started sooner.

Look, I know I used to feel like that ALL the time…definitely no shame in it.

But there’s something you probably don’t realize…

Truth is, even really smart people have trouble making progress on big projects like starting a business because we over-intellectualize our problems and let our brains get in the way.

In fact, there are 3 Myths in particular that hold us back and kill our best business ideas.

As part of the new series, I made a kickass video for you.

Check it out:

 Which myth is sabotaging you? Maybe all 3??

If you’ve EVER wanted to start a business, but failed to follow through, I guarantee it’s one of these 3 myths that held you back

Myth #1: “I need to have a _______ idea.”

Myth #2: “I need ____ to start.”

Myth #3: “I’m not _____ _______.”

Watch the 4 minute video, then leave a comment telling me which myth has held you back for the longest.